Waste & safety management

Modular waste management connected to safety.

The Skipper range of patent protected waste & safety management products provide a flexible and effective solution, with a wealth of fixing and display options.

Being compatible with existing Skipper products makes the waste & safety management range intuitive for people already familiar with Skipper, as well as newcomers.

The range includes recycle bins for multi-purpose waste & recycling use, a safety dispenser which provides easy access to safety equipment such as ear plugs and safety glasses, and a hand sanitiser bracket which will hold any dispenser up to a diameter of 75mm.

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Recycle bin


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Safety dispenser


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Post & base collar


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Suction pad bracket


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Sanitiser bracket


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Suction pad


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Products for outside

Unique and versatile barrier system.


Products for inside

On-site safety at your convenience.

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