Skipper support brackets

The Skipper wall & magnetic support brackets are hugely practical accessories for the Skipper unit, and are ideal for situations where using a cone or post is not appropriate.

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The bracket is available in two versions; a wall version which can be screwed into place for permanent/semi-permanent use, and a non-marking magnetic version which can be attached to vehicles, shelving and other metal surfaces. Once the bracket is in the desired position, the Skipper unit snap-fits onto the bracket and locks into place.

The quick release clip prevents the Skipper unit from detaching from the bracket, and is also used to quickly disconnect the unit after use. The support brackets are ideal for logistics, warehousing and facilities management.

PRODUCT CODE: WSUPPORT01 (Wall version) MSUPPORT01 (Magnetic version)

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Wall (screw to walls), Magnetic (attach to magnetic surfaces)

Product code

WSUPPORT01 (Wall version) MSUPPORT01 (Magnetic version)

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