Skipper road cone

The safety cone with a twist

The Skipper road cone is a unique two-piece cone that outperforms its competitors in all areas.

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The Skipper road cone’s patent protected design features an incorporated helix, which deflects wind away and adds to the cone’s stability. The base is designed to facilitate an optional weight ring (for information about the weight ring, please contact us), providing even more ballast and reducing the need to double stack.

The innovative glass bead sleeve has greater reflectivity than prismatic alternatives and is robust and durable, like the whole Skipper range. With a huge spectrum of applications, from airports and traffic control, to industrial and construction operations, the Skipper road cone is creating a revolution worldwide. Conforms to BS EN 13422.


Weight 5.43 kg
Dimensions 750 × 555 × 555 mm
Product code


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