Skipper 27m retractable cone topper kit + lights

Easily create a barrier up to 27m long with this Skipper retractable cone topper kit featuring Skipper’s unique helix road cone and safety lights.

What’s in the kit:

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Create a safe zone with this Skipper retractable cone topper kit.

Skipper’s unique road cone has superior reflectivity compared to standard traffic cones, and has improved stability in windy conditions.

This kit also includes Skipper’s rechargeable safety lights. The safety light is ideal for traffic control, airports, petrochemicals and many other industries. The unit has a light sensor for automatic activation/deactivation, or can be set to full manual control.

For bespoke tape designs, (dependant on quantity) please contact us for more information.

Weight 22 kg
Tape colour

Red/white chevron

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