Skipper has launched 2 new products

Following the release of our brand new Skipper unit in April 2016, we are very excited to announce the release of an additional two products to our range.


  1. Curved Holder/Receiver Cord Strap

Copy of curved-clip

The Curved Holder/receiver Cord strap is similar to our existing Cord Strap Holder/Receiver however, the new and improved curved robust outer surface allows the XS unit to fit more securely to scaffolding, poles and cylindrical surfaces.


This product has been designed to perfectly fit to the lower part of the Skipper Post allowing you to attach an XS unit to create a dual belt barrier system.

2. Post Cap

Copy of post-toppers

The superbly designed post or cone cap sits on top of the Skipper Post & Base system, Skipper Cone or standard traffic cone to give a more aesthetically pleasing shape when a Skipper unit is not needed. It has a snap fit and a hole in the top which allows an A4 Sign Holder to be attached.

Copy of post-with-sign

A rubber bung has been created to fit into the hole when a sign holder is not attached.

Copy of cone

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The Brand New Skipper and XS units are here!


We are very excited to announce the launch of our brand new and improved Skipper and XS Retractable Barrier Units. Tougher, more durable and higher specification than ever before.

Our most popular product was first released in 2005. Since then we have made a huge amount of changes and benefits.

The new unit offers increased durability and superior composites. The removable top cap now features a rubber moulded surface which improves grip and strength. The locking button has be redesigned and engineered to ensure a more secure locking action whilst the new button surface means this is even easier and safer to action.



The inside has changed too!

The new and improved high visibility retractable tape is now stronger and the superb coating means it is even less susceptible to marks or stains.





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XS…..ively Beneficial to your Business




XS Unit


On-site safety at your convenience

Health & Safety has become increasingly more important than ever. One major factor is being able to cordon off an area to prevent accidents from happening. This is vital in the following industries/sectors:

  • Mining Operations
  • Petrol Forecourts
  • Roadworks & Local Authorities
  • Construction Sites
  • Car Parks and Retail
  • Events & Queue Management

However, this can be more difficult indoors due to space for the following sectors:

  • Warehousing
  • Factories
  • Residential Housing
  • Cleaning/Janitorial
  • Facilities Management
  • Hospitals & Care
  • Sports, Leisure & Schools


Introducing Skipper’s XS range

XS Residential

XS Unit







The Skipper XS unit has all the great versatility of the standard Skipper unit, but is for use without cones or posts. It has the same 9 metres of retractable tape, as well as new connector points for affixing to its own unique range of accessories including:


The suction pad holder/receiver is designed for use with the Skipper XS unit (although it can be used as a standard tape receiver).  The suction pad can either hold the Skipper XS unit in place, or be used to receive the tape end clip.

Suction Pad






Suction Pad-2








The cord and magnetic receiver is designed for use with the Skipper XS (although it can be used as a standard tape receiver). As well as being able to attach to magnetic surfaces, it can also be tied to pillars using the provided ‘tourniquet’ cord. Once in place the receiver can then either hold the Skipper XS unit in place or be used to receive the tape end clip.cord_1














The clamp holder/receiver is used to attach the Skipper XS unit and/or tape end to angular surfaces such as door frames, work surfaces and racking. It can be clamped in place and tightened by turning the screw.   The clamp holder/receiver can be positioned either horizontally or vertically depending on the desired application.











There are 4 tape colour options:

  • Red & White
  • Yellow & Black
  • Green & White
  • Blue & White



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Dismissing Waste Management is Rubbish!



Disposing of waste in an environmentally-friendly manner is crucial to your business.


We’re very excited to announce that our new range of waste & safety management products are now available.

Find out more from our website, or the promotional brochure

Skipper’s patent protected waste & safety management products provide a flexible and effective solution, with a wealth of fixing and display options. Being compatible with existing Skipper products makes the waste & safety management range intuitive for people already familiar with Skipper, as well as newcomers.


The range includes recycle bins for multi-purpose waste & recycling use, a safety dispenser which provides easy access to safety equipment such as earplugs and safety glasses, and a hand sanitiser bracket which will hold any dispenser up to a diameter of 75mm.

It is a flexible, fully modular waste management system that can be used individually anywhere or combined with Skipper™ posts and accessories to make a bespoke waste solutionbin_1

These plastic waste bins are available in a range of different colours each supplied with a selection of labels to help you create your own colour-coded recycling systemdisp_2

What makes Skipper’s Waste Management range better than others on the market?

  • Fantastically priced (much lower price than our competitors)
  • Versatile – It can attach to a large variety of surfaces such as:
    • Glass or tiled wall – with our Skipper Suction Cup
    • Skippers Post and base system – with an additional post & base collar
    • Post or Rail – with Skippers Cord Strap Clip
    • Interior or exterior wall – with Skippers Wall Clip
  • Plastic rather than metal making it much lighter to manoeuvre and transport.
  • Robust – very tough plastic material
  • Secure lids keep smells out
  • The system allows the sack to pull downwards rather than up through the lid (which can cause spillages/accidents).


Zero Waste Scotland


Scotland is serious about making the transition to a circular economy, with a national strategy later this year. Working with others, ZWS (Zero Waste Scotland) has been at the forefront of identifying and researching opportunities and putting plans in place to turn the theory into practice. They are helping forward-thinking businesses, ranging from start-ups with innovative ideas to helping well-established businesses adapt their business models or expand their services.


They are also focusing on how the public can engage with different ways of using and reusing things. They recently ran a social media campaign called #MakeThingsLast which tried to get people thinking about new ways to repair, reuse and remanufacture items in everyday use.


Many progressive companies are already heading this way, marrying a combination of expertise, from behaviour change specialists that help companies reduce waste to supply chain and logistics capabilities that help with asset management, and materials and markets knowledge to ensure the maximum value can be extracted from items that are no longer needed.


The University of Edinburgh has refocused its approach to resource use. With the Zero Waste Scotland regulations acting as a catalyst for change, waste management company Biffa’s Edinburgh team has been working with staff and students to integrate zero waste and circular economy thinking across the vast university estate.


Four main questions drive the University’s resource management programme:

  • Do we need to buy it?

The University hosts a reuse portal enabling furniture, IT equipment and books to be redistributed to those who need it.

  1. Do we need the packaging?

The University has been working with its suppliers to cut the amount of packaging and to set up take-back schemes.

  1. Can it be recycled?

When a recyclable material reaches the waste stream, Biffa sorts and recycles it to keep it ‘in the loop’.

  1. Can we avoid landfill?

Waste materials that cannot be recycled are converted into fuel to generate renewable energy.


Source: Materials Recycling World, Volume 204, Issue 18


You must deal responsibly with any waste your business produces in England. This is known as your duty of care’.

Business waste includes any waste that comes from:

  • any commercial activity – including any you run from your home
  • construction
  • demolition
  • industry
  • agriculture


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Autumn Doubles Safety Troubles


Inadequate warning lighting is a huge risk factor across almost all sectors where health and safety legislation is prevalent.

The quicker and easier it is to set up a hazard warning system, the more easily accidents are avoided and manual handling risks reduced.


As the darker winter nights are approaching it is time to think about a strong, durable, eco-friendly safety light, and you don’t need to look any further than the Skipper rechargeable safety light, ideal for:

  • Construction Sites
  • Warehousing & Factories
  • Traffic/road maintenance
  • Parking & Retail
  • Petrol Forecourts
  • Supermarkets
  • Mining
  • Events & Queue Management

And many more

Investing in high-quality products pays off.
Safety lighting is essential where there is low visibility, such as in mist, rain and other poor lighting conditions. With Skipper and its LED rechargeable safety light, you can create fast and effective hazard demarcation, while utilising Skipper’s incredible 9m retractable tape safety barrier.

The environmentally friendly light is a multifunctional LED warning light that is fully rechargeable, meaning huge savings on batteries, which are kept out of landfill (where heavy metals may leak into the ground when the battery casing corrodes, causing soil and water pollution).

With permanent or flashing facility (US, European and UK flash presets) it also includes a light sensor for automatic activation, further reducing energy use by only emitting light when necessary.

Indoor and outdoor use
Using the safety light both indoors and outdoors is simple. For outdoor use such as roadworks, construction sites and petrol stations, the Skipper unit is ideal – just twist off the Skipper unit’s top cap and replace it with the safety light- no screws or fixings are required! Attach the Skipper unit to it’s post & base system, standard traffic cones or the unique Skipper road cone for a rapid and effective safety barrier.


The safety light also attaches to the Skipper XS unit – a compact unit specifically designed to attach to any indoor surface with its range of innovative accessories, while still maintaining the full 9m retractable tape that’s made the Skipper unit a worldwide leader in safety.

Skipper rechargeable safety light FAQs
How long does the light work until it runs out of charge?

This depends on the quality of the batteries used. We recommend using lithium based batteries. The average output for the light is 25 hours on the permanent setting and 57 hours on the flash setting. The performance of the light unit will be greatly affected by temperature (because of the effect temperature has on battery life). In average, outdoor conditions, the charge will last much longer than the times stated above.

Is the Skipper light compliant with any safety standards?
The Skipper light conforms to BS3143 part 2 1990.