Safety Management Systems

We’re setting the boundaries in safety management with Skipper’s modular, multifunctional products designed for outdoors and indoors environments. Our original, patented range of safety products are used and trusted by professionals worldwide –  since 2005.

External Range

Skipper external range is the original market leading solution and the choice of health and safety professionals across the world offering modular, complete barrier systems used across a wide range of industries. Versatile and adaptable Skipper retractable units work in conjunction with the post & base system or the revolutionary ‘helix design’ road cone that outperforms all its competitors in all areas.

Internal Range

Keeping internal environments safe. The Skipper XS products range were developed to keep internal environments such as warehousing, manufacturing and facilities management safe. Adapting Skipper’s great versatility, the unique XS range allows for connection to any indoor surface, from high gloss and glass, to worktops, shelving, door frames and pillars, making anything possible.

Waste & Safety

A modular waste and safety management product range is a perfect solution turning Skipper units, posts and cones into safety stations which offer a wealth of fixing and display options. The recycle bins, dispensers and sanitiser brackets can be used in a variety of different applications, from a free-standing station to direct attachment to walls, glass and posts suited to a wide range of industries.

Keeping Safe with the Reflective Webbing

New addition to the Skipper’s Total Safety Night-time Management Solution​

The new webbing tape offers more visibility in the night-time whilst maintaining the same durability as the standard Skipper unit, which can be attached to Skipper’s own cones and posts, but also fixed to any standard traffic cone worldwide. The versatile and adaptable unit is used across a wide range of  industries,  from construction to airports and shipping, to events, retail, facilities management and so many more. Skipper is the original, market leading solution, and the choice of health and safety professionals across the world. 

Modular, Interchangeable Product Application Across All Skipper’s Safety Range

Skipper’s multifunctional, multi-surface range of patent protected products have been designed from the ground up for health and safety. The integrated solutions are recognised worldwide as the industry standard in safety management, and there’s no surface they can’t attach to. The full suite of versatile products encompasses solutions for outside, inside and waste & safety management. Skipper’s wide range of accessories also allow you to wrap around pillars, attach to magnetic surfaces, screw to walls, clamp to racking and suction to high gloss and glass surfaces. No other product on the market offers the same level of value and versatility.

View this video to explore Skipper product range modular connectivity

The Skipper Q belt barrier is a new and modern belt barrier which is made in the UK. The design and materials give a premium finish and look which you would normally find in high end luxury products. The metallic plastics have colour running all the way through the post & base so it will not mark or scratch like the powder coated current offerings do, giving a longer lasting product. 

The use of high gloss bezel finishes and TPE soft touch over moulds are also elements you cannot achieve with powder coating metals. The design has all the weight placed in the base so the centre of gravity is set much lower, giving a tipping point that vastly improves its performance. Skipper Q can also hold modular, same colour waste bins, dispensers and sanitiser gel brackets to create a multi-use safety station which makes this system unlike any other on the market. 

Available with 5 different colour webbings – red, blue, grey, black and purple.

Queue Management with the New Skipper Safety Barrier Range Skipper Q

Featured products
  • Skipper retractable barrier

    Skipper Retractable Unit

    £55.95£58.50 Skipper for outdoors

    Available in different colours. Make any work area safer with Skipper – the original retractable safety barrier.

  • Stanchion post with retractable belt

    Skipper post & base system

    £40.70 Skipper for outdoors

    Available in different colours. The Skipper post and base system is the perfect complement to the Skipper unit.

  • Skipper XS unit

    Skipper XS unit

    £55.95 Skipper for indoors

    Available in different colours. The Skipper XS range for indoor environments – can be connected to any indoor surface.

  • Free standing retractable barrier

    Skipper 9m free standing retractable barrier kit

    £162.30 Retractable safety barrier kits

    Available in different colours. Easily create a 9m long barrier with this Skipper free standing retractable barrier kit.

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