Skipper are back from the Grainger Show 2016

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We are back from Orlando, Florida where we had a very successful event at the Grainger Show 2016. It was a great platform for engaging with respected professionals on improving Safety and Waste Management standards across US workplaces.


Here is some of the fantastic feedback we had from the show:

“I come to the Grainger show for the wow moments, and this is a wow moment”

“This is my favourite thing I’ve seen throughout the show”

“Where have you been all my life? I’ve been looking for this solution for years”

“In 17 years of business with Grainger, this is the best product I’ve ever seen”


We would like to thank everyone who came to talk to us about their challenges and now look forward to supporting them in their efforts to improve safety, increase efficiency and reduce operational costs.

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New Health & Safety Sentencing Guidelines

The long awaited Sentencing Council’s guidelines for health and safety offences were published on 3 November 2015 and came into effect on 1st February 2016.

Large companies in England and Wales can expect fines of around £10 million for the most serious breaches of health and safety law when now that new sentencing guidelines have come into force..

Courts are now required to first assess the overall seriousness of the offence based on the offender’s culpability and the risk of serious harm, regardless of whether any harm was in fact caused. The guideline then sets a starting point and a range of possible fines based on the seriousness of the offence. Different starting points and ranges apply depending on the size of the organisation, based on turnover or the equivalent. Fines could exceed £10m for serious health and safety breaches or £20m in corporate manslaughter cases, and even more for very large companies.

The guideline also includes a list of mitigating and aggravating factors that the courts can take into account when setting the level of fine. Mitigating factors may include where a business has no previous convictions, has taken steps to remedy the wrong and has demonstrated a particularly high level of cooperation with the investigation; while aggravating factors may include a history of relevant offences or where the offence was committed for financial gain. Courts will also have to consider whether there are any other factors justifying an adjustment, but whether the fine will put the offender out of business may be an acceptable consequence in some bad cases.

Individual company directors found guilty of “consent, connivance or neglect” in relation to the offence will  face potentially unlimited fines and prison sentences of up to two years, according to the guideline.

Organisations are required to submit detailed financial information including turnover figures, pre-tax profit, director remuneration, pension provision, assets and debt exposure for the past three years (including where appropriate that of any associated organisation, which may lead to an examination of any group structure). Failure to produce required financial information, or the production of insufficient or unreliable financial information is likely to attract an adverse reaction. The court will form its own conclusions from the circumstances and information available, including that the offender is able to pay any fine.

Companies facing substantial fines for such offences may also have to report such matters in their annual accounts with inevitable reputational damage as a consequence.

Of perhaps greater personal significance for directors and senior managers is the prospect of an unlimited fine or a custodial sentence if they are found guilty of the consent, connivance or neglect in the commission of the offence by the company. The thresholds for custodial sentences for individuals would suggest a far greater likelihood of imprisonment for the most serious breaches.

Convictions for corporate manslaughter demand a number of evidential hurdles to be satisfied to secure a conviction. By contrast, health and safety offences are far easier to prosecute. If real impact can be achieved via prosecution, conviction and sentencing for such breaches, prosecutors may be more inclined to take that route.

Two things, in particular, are brought into sharp focus in the guidelines and demand board attention now:

  • The requirement for a proactive, coordinated and fully supported approach to health and safety is crucial. The guidelines make it clear that persistent offenders or those who adopt a cowboy approach to health and safety will face harsher fines, while single offenders with an otherwise exemplary record with an enthusiastic, forward thinking and structured approach to compliance which is fully endorsed from the top down, are likely to be dealt with in a more lenient manner, although the fine must still be large enough to be a punishment and deterrent.
  • Given the stark difference between the current and future regimes, many of those currently subject to proceedings have been well advised to enter early guilty pleas in appropriate cases in order to expedite their cases (the guidelines will apply to sentencing after 1 February 2016, regardless of when the offence was committed). Sentencing under the current regime may be preferable.

The message is clear – regulatory authorities expect health and safety to remain a key corporate priority. Directors must ensure that it is at the top of their agenda.

To view more information on the new sentencing guidelines please click the link below:

Don’t let this be your business

The best health and safety measures are often the simplest and most cost effective to implement, including effective barriers, signage and lighting.

Now is the time to act

Don’t wait until it’s too late, protect your company and your workforce today with retractable barrier systems amongst a large range of other Health & Safety products from Skipper™ – The total safety & waste management solution.

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Welsh construction industry set to grow at ‘triple’ the UK average


The Welsh construction industry is set to grow at nearly triple the UK average annual growth rate, creating over 27,000 jobs in the next five years.

That’s according to the latest industry forecast by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), which predicts an average annual growth rate in output of 7.1% for Wales, compared with 2.5% for the rest of the UK, between 2016 and 2020.

The annual forecast predicts infrastructure projects will substantially drive growth in Wales in the next five years. Developments include Wylfa Newydd, University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s waterside campus in Swansea and a number of major road projects across the country.

Commercial projects such as the Circuit of Wales, BBC Wales’ new head offices in Cardiff and a steady increase in repair and maintenance of existing buildings are also said to be driving growth.

The figures show a strong outlook for the Welsh construction industry, driven by a number of infrastructure projects that have already started or are in the pipeline. All types of training, and especially apprenticeships, will be vital to delivering this pipeline of work.


Source: ITV News





Skipper has a generous range of products to improve Health & Safety in many aspects of the Construction Industry.


Skipper post & base system

A fantastic alternative to a cone



The Skipper post & base system is the amazing system for the successful Skipper product line. Its great versatility allows it to be used on both hard and soft ground, indoors and outdoors.

The unique, interchangeable base allows the post to be sunk into the ground with a spike or attached to its sturdy base for use on hard surfaces. Simply pour water or sand into the base for strength and stability.It is the fast, effective way to cordon off hazardous or restricted areas.


Skipper has a collection of other products that can be added to the Post & Base to create a Safety Management Solution:


  • Skipper Unit with 9m (30ft) of retractable barrier tape (available in 6 colours & 4 tape colours)
  • Spike Base so that the post can be sunk into soft ground or grass
  • A4 Sign Holder allows you to easily display warnings, promotional messages and directions (which is attached on top of the Skipper unit)
  • Rechargeable Safety Light is a multifunctional LED warning light that is fully rechargeable (which is placed on top of the Skipper unit)
  • Recycle Bin for multi-purpose waste and recycling use (which can be attached with our Post & Base Collar)
  • Safety Dispenser for easy access to safety equipment such as ear buds and safety goggles (which can be attached with our Post & Base Collar)



The post is available in: Orange, Red, Silver, Green , Yellow & Blue




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Does your company comply with waste regulations?


Make sure you’re aware and complying with the EU Waste Framework Directive

Regulations for public and private waste collectors now require the separate collection of paper, plastic, metals & glass for recycling.

What does this mean for your business?

Businesses are advised to work with their waste contractors to ensure that dry recyclable waste produced by your business (paper, plastic, metal and glass) is collected separately from other waste (such as food).

If your business does not already separate waste into recyclables and non recyclables, the first step would to begin this process with immediate effect.

The Regulations aim to improve the quantity and quality of recycling across the UK and it is hoped this provision will reduce contamination of recycled material and make better use of natural resources.

The Environment Agency has published information on the regulations which you can view here.

Get the solution from Skipper

Our recycle bin is a perfect solution to these waste management regulations. It works both as a free standing solution, or can be attached to walls, windows or shelves with a variety of attachments that look great in any work environment.

How the Skipper recycle bin can be used




The top 6 reasons to choose a Skipper recycle bin

  1. It’s fantastically priced: The Skipper recycle bin is priced much more affordably than its competitors
  2. It’s versatile: It can attach to a large variety of surfaces, as opposed to other bins which tend to have a single purpose or fitting
  3. An all-plastic construction  makes it much lighter to manoeuvre and transport.
  4. It’s robust: The tough plastic is extremely robust, and does not contain any rust-collecting hinges or fittings
  5. Snap-fit lids keep smells in
  6. No mess: A unique construction allows the sack to pull downwards, rather than up through the lid (which can cause spillages/accidents).




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XS…..ively Beneficial to your Business




XS Unit


On-site safety at your convenience

Health & Safety has become increasingly more important than ever. One major factor is being able to cordon off an area to prevent accidents from happening. This is vital in the following industries/sectors:

  • Mining Operations
  • Petrol Forecourts
  • Roadworks & Local Authorities
  • Construction Sites
  • Car Parks and Retail
  • Events & Queue Management

However, this can be more difficult indoors due to space for the following sectors:

  • Warehousing
  • Factories
  • Residential Housing
  • Cleaning/Janitorial
  • Facilities Management
  • Hospitals & Care
  • Sports, Leisure & Schools


Introducing Skipper’s XS range

XS Residential

XS Unit







The Skipper XS unit has all the great versatility of the standard Skipper unit, but is for use without cones or posts. It has the same 9 metres of retractable tape, as well as new connector points for affixing to its own unique range of accessories including:


The suction pad holder/receiver is designed for use with the Skipper XS unit (although it can be used as a standard tape receiver).  The suction pad can either hold the Skipper XS unit in place, or be used to receive the tape end clip.

Suction Pad






Suction Pad-2








The cord and magnetic receiver is designed for use with the Skipper XS (although it can be used as a standard tape receiver). As well as being able to attach to magnetic surfaces, it can also be tied to pillars using the provided ‘tourniquet’ cord. Once in place the receiver can then either hold the Skipper XS unit in place or be used to receive the tape end clip.cord_1














The clamp holder/receiver is used to attach the Skipper XS unit and/or tape end to angular surfaces such as door frames, work surfaces and racking. It can be clamped in place and tightened by turning the screw.   The clamp holder/receiver can be positioned either horizontally or vertically depending on the desired application.











There are 4 tape colour options:

  • Red & White
  • Yellow & Black
  • Green & White
  • Blue & White



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