Skipper has launched 2 new products

Following the release of our brand new Skipper unit in April 2016, we are very excited to announce the release of an additional two products to our range.


  1. Curved Holder/Receiver Cord Strap

Copy of curved-clip

The Curved Holder/receiver Cord strap is similar to our existing Cord Strap Holder/Receiver however, the new and improved curved robust outer surface allows the XS unit to fit more securely to scaffolding, poles and cylindrical surfaces.


This product has been designed to perfectly fit to the lower part of the Skipper Post allowing you to attach an XS unit to create a dual belt barrier system.

2. Post Cap

Copy of post-toppers

The superbly designed post or cone cap sits on top of the Skipper Post & Base system, Skipper Cone or standard traffic cone to give a more aesthetically pleasing shape when a Skipper unit is not needed. It has a snap fit and a hole in the top which allows an A4 Sign Holder to be attached.

Copy of post-with-sign

A rubber bung has been created to fit into the hole when a sign holder is not attached.

Copy of cone

For further information please contact our sales team:

0844 412 7757

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